Because of the housing crisis in the Netherlands as a whole there is no transfer in the centers where they are hosted, which means that there is less and less room for new asylum seekers. At the same time it seems much easier to make room for refugees from Ukraine. The debate about integration of new comers seems to be less important. How do religious communities try to help migrants in letting them feel at home? How can we welcome new migrants? Is ‘integration’ a concept that can still be used, or is it outdated? Besides that we also try to visualize the direct experiences of refugees. The programme is emborderd with song and music.


18.30 Welcome
19.00 Opening of the symposium by the moderator,
President of EPIL Martina Heinrichs
19.15 Introduction of speakers:
– Saida Derrazi, President of Comité 21 March and founder and
coördinator of the Muslim Women Collective S.P.E.A.K,
– Gatra Peshtaz, Cultural Antropologist (MA), and trainer helping
organisations to become and stay more diverse and inclusive.
– Anne-Maria van Hilst, expert on Judaism and teacher of religious
– Nienke Hofsink, community pastor

19.30 Discussion with the main speakers and the audience
20.30 Conclusion of the programme

Admission free, but registration is required. To register, mail to: [email protected].
For information: Stella van de Wetering tel. +31 6 41762399 or Martina Heinrichs tel. +31 6 23175808.

This mini-symposium is organised as part of the European Project for Interreligious Learning (EPIL) study programme, which brings together women from different countries and different religious backgrounds for empowerment and mutual understanding.