It is impossible to describe in a few words the year of 2014- this was a long year, and an intense one, on a personal level and globally. The end of the year is always a good opportunity to stop for a moment, to stand in front of the mirror, and to look deeply in your reflection. Do you like who you see? Would you change anything? Sometimes we are all so busy, always in a hurry or on a mission that we forget to stop and to ask ourselves- are we happy? More than that, we are also so focused in ourselves, that we sometimes hurt the people around us, without even noticing.

I wish we had more time, maybe a few extra hours or minutes in a day? Only so that we could take some time to reflect upon our behaviors and their consequences. A few more minutes, just so we could ask ourselves, if we are truly happy, truly at peace with who we are and what we do. Life in this century is only getting more and more demanding, we never have enough money, we never have the dream job we have always wanted, everything is getting more expensive, and still every few months we feel we must buy the new iPhone that just came out.

Call me naïve, but for me, with every year that passes by, it feels like this race is becoming more and more demanding, and the competition is getting more difficult. Maybe this is all an introduction to the adult life? I don’t know, but one thing’s for sure, being a grown up is part of the deal.

One thing I certainly know is what I would like to wish myself and all of my readers for the New Year. I wish that the year of 2015 will be a better year. I wish that in this coming year we will get closer to peace- political peace but also peace with ourselves and the others around us.

I wish that we will all learn to live peacefully with each other, no matter where we’re from, and learn to accept the opinions of others who think differently than we do, look different, or celebrate other holidays than us. Learn to live our lives, and let others live theirs. I hope for a year without so much violence in the streets, and online. I wish for the next year to be full of respect, and tolerance, so that we can all say our opinions and thoughts without being afraid. I wish for a better year, a year without so many human rights violations in so many places around the world.

Finally, I wish for us to find a bit more time, to stop once in a while and make sure that we do what we really love, that we are in the place we want to be, and I don’t mean just physically. We need to learn from our mistakes in the past, so that we won’t repeat them, and this way, we won’t just hope for a better future but we will know for sure that the future will only get better and better.

Live the moment, and enjoy life!

Happy New Year 2015!

Gelukkig nieuwjaar!


Ronie Barel

verhuisde van Israël naar Nederland, activist, blogger

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